Sober Living Home Outpatient Program Online in South Africa

Starting your life over may seem daunting, but it's worth it. Therapy now has designed an online care program that will support you as an individual taking your first steps into a recovery-based lifestyle, wherever you may be.

WHY Outpatient Therapy WORKS

This is an extensive online therapy and education program that focuses on you as an individual in the context of your day to day life and supports your challenges as they happen.

Online THERAPISTS In South Africa

It is not for nothing, South Africa is the most chosen destination to recover from addictions and many other mental health issues. Online talk therapy is perhaps effective, accessible, affordable and able to help you wherever you are in your journey or the world.

Sober life

By creating new routines within your environment, you are able to integrate and apply practical tools in all the most important areas of your life. Specialised counsellors guide you into social, physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual recovery, depending on what will work for you.

Easy to access therapy

Therapy works best with consistency and in order to establish that consistency it needs to be made a part of your already busy schedule. If you are living in a sober home or even your own home, online therapy makes accessing your therapist easy over skype, WhatsApp, zoom of Microsoft teams. Being online you don't need to travel to therapy, you can keep within your work hours and nobody needs to know.

Individualised Support

One can read 100 self-help books and watch 1000 YouTube videos but nothing personalises it better than speaking to another human being. Specialised therapy online includes follow-ups and personal interactions which is what makes online aftercare programs of this nature far more effective in that they specifically cater for you as an individual and your lifestyle in recovery.

Affordability and Dynamic Billings

TherapyNow's therapist team bills by the hour, so you may choose to do one hour a day, week, month or at times when you can afford it. The pay as you go, online booking service enables you to schedule times at your convenience. All the online psychoeducation material is free with the membership and will is available for you to use in your own time and at your own pace to reduce the costs of one on one therapy sessions required.

With Changes Rehab's online therapy, you will learn to overcome obstacles with direct help from a certified and experienced counsellor team. The implementation of our psychoeducation program enables telehealth services and therapy sessions conducted via online skype or zoom to further leverage off online media that directly supports each therapy session so that clients are able to expand their knowledge in their own time and at no extra cost.

The TherapyNow online talk therapy program is designed to guide you into finding long-term solutions for your mental health and wellbeing. In continuance from our Rehab Johannesburg the team at Recovery Direct has developed one of the most advanced online addiction treatment programmes that is free for anyone to join.

Online therapy allows you to communicate with a qualified therapist from the privacy of your device, of in a group at a sober living home, or anywhere that you have access to a reasonable internet connection. The cost savings from traditional personal therapy is realised through the enhancement of curated online videos that are sourced to highlight aspects of recovery that are most relevant for you. Therapists may use these online videos, questionnaires or downloadable material to enable you to explore key concepts on your own outside of the therapeutic relationship. This material becomes "homework" and can be the subject of discussion in your next session, or may not, it's up to you. The bottom line is that you get to dial straight into the topics that are going to be most beneficial to you in the shortest timeframes possible.
We provide reputable, affordable sober living environments for those seeking a medium to long-term sober living environment. Our sober living homes can provide a higher level of care than other facilities because they work with registered drug and alcohol treatment clinics and therapists. 
What Exactly Is A Sober Living Facility?
A sober living house, also known as a sober home or a sober living environment, is a residence for people suffering from chemical dependency and mental health illnesses. Addicts can live in a supervised and sober environment with structure in sober living homes, which are frequently based on the 12-step program or other recovery techniques.
Rules for Sober Living Communities
The residents at sober living facilities can normally come and go as they choose, provided that they adhere to specific rules. There are some restrictions that are universal to all sober environments, like as working hours and curfews. Resident's sobriety may also be tested periodically. On top of that, residents are encouraged to work or attend school during the day and are required to contribute to the sober living home by helping out with household duties during their free
Conditions of Life in a Sober Living Facility
Before being accepted into a sober living facility, people are usually required to complete a substance abuse rehabilitation program.

Corona Virus pandemic has substantially increased the need for effective online therapy services to meet demands please ensure you have a confirmed booking.